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Golden brown
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Golden Brown. Hier zijn schilderijen die je kunt combineren tot één groter schilderij. Acryl, gietkunst en met goud

Living in Zeeland
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Walking in nature gives here the so hard needed inspiration to paint and grow personaly. Luctor et emergo. "I struggle and emerge." She started to live freely in Zeeland after breaking free from the marriage. She is grateful for the people here in Sluis and the process she went through. She really came into her own here. Leaving al the loves and almost loves and no loves behind and building her gallery.

Smaller paintings
2 obras de arte

9 obras de arte

She makes intuitive bigger canvases with little paint

3 obras de arte

Big canvasses, size 120x150x2 Abstract or landscape like Many different colors and layouts as I please at that moment

Landscape shape
54 obras de arte

Here are the paintings that are a landscape, or impression of a landscape. Also the landscape form of the canvasses are displayed here.

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Paintings that do not fit a group and are abstract in general. Do you recognize not fitting in?

11 obras de arte

Landscape 3D work

4 obras de arte

Various sizes
1 obra de arte

sizes 80 x 80 x 4 cow in the dark 60 x 60 x 4 Piggy ? 40 x 60 x 4 Pink ? 60 x 120 x 4 crus on color 60 x 90 x 4 Crus on stripes

9 obras de arte

Woman paintings, erotic, but decent

XXL canvas
14 obras de arte

really large and expensive canvasses

3 obras de arte

grote schilderijen

36 obras de arte

Square paintings, diptiches

Latest Artworks
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