Woman in sand (2013)

31.5x31.5 in ~ Painting, Acrylic

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It is a lady who throws sand upwards from back to front. The Painting is made with Blue pigment, charcoal and white paint, creating the blue color. It was made in a room where I normally don't work and so I had to get used to the atmosphere and environment, but discovered this blue pigment there too, which gets a bit like with the charcoal. This gave it a special dimension for me. I like the siren look.

The painting is 80x80x4 cm and varnished as protection against the sun.

In 2013 she worked in a space where many artists had their habitat. For her it was a completely new experience. Also to be able to impose so much work on the ground. She wanted to work with other colors and get a more serene look. Many people later asked, were you depressed? No, she was serene. Maybe melancholy? She is very happy with the result. Not everybody sees the nude.


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