I am a woman in love (2020) Sold

31.5x70.9 in ~ Painting, Acrylic


She loves to paint in natural colors.
On the left a loving couple is depicted and circled. The love that is developed and protected. The woman in this painting is kissed by a dolphin. She is helped by the dolphins in her rebirth. The deceased souls are brought to light. Her deceased child's pain is coming back and she must have the strength and courage to stand up for herself.

She is helped an putting herself together again. Growing.

What does the "Dolphin" symbolize?
It is no wonder that we humans are attracted to these beautiful animals; dolphins are very intelligent and graceful, but also playful and loving. Dolphins form strong bonds with each other, live in harmony with other animals and people, and a mother with her cub are inseparable. The dolphin symbolizes protection, a sign of happiness, hope and a successful journey to new coasts (arts 😊). The dolphin brought the souls of the deceased to the afterlife. This gave the dolphin an additional meaning of support and strength for rebirth and renewal.

When the painting was finished I was very happy.
Freedom at last, in connection.


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