Drenthe Landscape (2021) Sold

27.6x55.1x1.6 in ~ Painting, Acrylic


She went to Drenthe and discovered how the farmers live there in a great and huge, far away landscape. You can dream and put your chair in the middle of nowwhere and see the geese brooding. She biked a lot in the enviroment and connected with him.

Working With Pruisisch Blue and van Dijks brown gives these deep green Colours That are so healing to me. Hope They give you rest too.

What looks like coincidence is practice to make a strong painting and use the colors right. Knowing when to stop, and holding back and letting go. It is interesting to see the bigger picture, when to stop and have a landscape.
Little is needed to make a landscape. And in your mind, you do the rest.

The canvas is stretched on a 3D wooden frame and artwork is ready to hang. Framing is not required. This artwork was created using acrylic paint and sand on stretched canvas. A thin layer of varnish protects the artwork against UV light.


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