Der Lauf der Dinge (2018)

78.7x157.5 in ~ Painting, Acrylic, Lacquer

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This work is a collaboration between PEKO and Tiny de Bruin.
They always have a lots of fun together and play with colours and develop a canvas with joy en energy.
New in the collection at Tiny's gallery are the works that Peko and Tiny de Bruin have made together. Large colorful canvases with lots of paint and different techniques. Over the years, Peko and Tiny have worked together nicely and different canvases of their joint hand have been created. These canvases are really XXL, you have to see them in real life to be able to contain the impact. The colors meet you and make a sunny day, and are extremely suitable for your office.
Give me all your loving, it's a beautiful day. Jazz In addition, the cows and cheerful paintings by Peko can be viewed at Tiny’s galerie


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