As it is in heaven (2021) Sold

31.5x47.2 in ~ Painting, Acrylic


White and golden. We are in heaven. At least when we paint. You go out of your mind and into the feeling. Happines comes up. Spirit is talking.

White, black and gold in different aspects. Colorful less colorful with relief and pasture. Brush and with pallet knife. Thick and Tinn layers. The colors meet you. Shiny is hot. Working A perfect day (ideal for your office, people can no longer ignore your company).

White is the most commonly used color in interior design. Insight into white color meanings gives an interior architect a color tool. Understanding all of the color meanings basically fills this toolkit and puts you ahead of the competition. You can select colors with a full understanding of what they mean and how they evoke feelings, and this is crucial for creating harmonious indoor spaces.

White isn't really a color, it's a neutral, but for the sake of convenience we'll call it a color.

White light actually contains all the colors, we just can't see them because they are reflected. The neutral "colors" range from white, through gray to black


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